The 23 Traders Scam was recently busted in April 2020, making it to the list of the newest multimillion-dollar scam that was committed and was related to binary scams. The saddest thing about the scam is that it took the life of Mr Fred Turbide who spend his lifelong savings on 23 Traders and they eventually took all his money. Our team at Morgan Financial Recovery already warned all its customers regarding the 23 Traders scam, owing to the fake dubious returns that it promised and as a result, all our customers were saved from the scam.

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How did the 23 Traders Scam unfold?

23 Traders was a binary options firm that was as much as 9 years old. It operated from an unknown location(revealed later in the article) and made millions by duping all the innocent investors across the globe. The firm started out as a basic stock trading firm, and then forex and then CFD trading and when the most preferred form of trading i.e. binary options trading came to place, it decided to offer options trading service as well.

Morgan Financial Recovery was already doubtful regarding the 23 Traders Scam, but since we did not have any concrete proof, we decided to keep researching about what was wrong with the firm. How can the firm offer such high returns within such a short period of time?

Also, the firm’s transactions were dating to Israel instead of Canada, where the firm was said to be located. The Canadian authorities decided to investigate it, along with private investigators at Morgan Financial Recovery, and found that the firm was operating as a scam call center from Israel, whose office address dated to “Market Giants Ltd,” in 9 Barkat Street, Petah Tikva.

Following that a massive investigation went on and soon the firm was banned to operate in Canada. But, unfortunately, the firm has already scammed and took the lifetime savings of Fred Turbide who took his life leaving behind his wife and four children with nothing but despair in their eyes and no savings.

What happened with Fred Turbide?

Fred was the biggest victim of the 23 Traders Scam. He had invested his lifetime savings in the firm and was scammed completely. He was a long term customer for 23 Traders with investing in the firm for approximately 7 years. Initially, he invested in stocks and CFD but then when he saw that his returns were massive, he decided to invest in binary options as well.

He was assigned a person named Julian Wellington who called himself the chief financial advisor at 23 Traders and guided Fred to invest all his savings on the firm. On the D-Day when Fred needed the money, Julian simply did a U-Turn making all kinds of excuses that how the firm mismanaged the funds and lost all his money.

Fred was devasted and he took his life. What was the worst-case scenario that Fred’s credit card kept on being charged even after his death. His credit card needed to be blocked so that the transactions were stopped.

How to recover your money from the 23 Traders Scam?

There are times when one loses faith in humanity when he or she becomes the victims of frauds like 23 Traders Scam. However, we at Morgan Financial Recovery ask you to not lose hope. If you have lost your funds in any kind of scams, you can contact us and we will give our best shot to recover your funds as soon as possible. We have the best team of attorneys and legal advisors who will guide you through the whole process with ease. Do contact us if you have been a victim of the 23 Traders Scam. Don’t lose hope as Mr. Turbide did.