We, at Morgan Financial Recovery, want to ask you a question as to “Why do you think we have decided to write an article regarding 24Option Scam” when the broker is still legitimately doing business? Why would someone like to expose a broker that has been a sponsor of Juventus FC? Before we get to it, let’s talk a bit about our firm. Morgan Financial Recovery has an instant solution for you if you have lost your funds owing to some financial fraud. Boasting of over $3 million in recoveries so far, we have a team of over 50+ attorneys who have dealt over 2400+ cases. Now, that’s something we are definitely proud of.

Why did we research about the 24Option Scam?

Well, our team of researchers at Morgan Financial Recovery advised us to do so and hence we did it. At the time of publishing this article, Binary Options trading has been disabled by the broker and hence, trading only limits to Forex, Stocks and CFD’s. But not long ago, when 24Option had the option of binary trading as well and that is when we decided to blow the bubble. The binary trading helpline number that we traced dated to some remote location in some random part of a third world country which was completely non-existent when it comes to technological advances. The customer care was engaged big time and they had literally no response to our query. Enough to expose the 24Option Scam.

Soon we decided to deep dig into the issue and complained about it to the financial regulatory body. The body was quick enough to respond and it can be seen now as the broker decided to shut down its binary trading services with the fear of being exposed in the 24Option Scam.

What happened to the money lost?

Since 24Option is a reputed broker, it has decided to refund all the money back to its investors. That is what was promised and not delivered. Hence, one can say that the biggest scam is yet to unfold and Morgan Financial Recovery is making you aware of it as soon as possible. With the way 24 Option has dealt with the issue, that is with pure unprofessionalism, you can be rest assured of becoming a victim of 24Option Scam and not get your money back any time soon.

With such a reputed broker at stake, doing such stupid things, the future of binary options is definitely at stake. The question still looms large, is Binary Options actually a scam?

Binary Options Trading and the myths surrounding it

Let us assure you. Binary Options Trading is definitely not a scam. A binary option is a financial option in which the payoff can be some fixed monetary value or nothing at all. In spite of being banned by the  European Securities and Markets Authority, it still remains the most lucrative trading option in the history of the trading world.

Unfortunately, owing to the myths and scams that are floating around in Binary Scams, it seems to have lost interest among the traders. But Binary Trading can be a great way to earn some quick bucks if done correctly with proper factual understanding and emotional discipline. Otherwise, you might end up being a victim of frauds like 24Option Scam.

What to do when you have lost your money?

If you have lost your money due to the 24Option Scam, don’t lose hope. Many times, people end up being dejected and depressed because they don’t know that there is always a way out. And that way out is to contact us at Morgan Financial Recovery. Our team will look up to the matter and will contact you at the earliest with the best plan that you might not have even expected. Contact us if you have been a victim of the 24Option Scam or any scam in general and we will give our cent percent in recovering your funds