Gift card scams keep on increasing on a daily basis primarily due to the fact that most people don’t like to work hard and get rich quickly. Most of them end up scamming the victims on a daily basis and these Apple iTunes Gift scams don’t seem to be a brand new concept, rather than a much-refined concept of the older scams that used to happen on a daily basis. According to Morgan Financial Recovery, Apple iTunes gift card scam has been a rage among the scammers as of now and the numbers are certainly increasing day by day. So when you are called into saying that you can give a donation to a charity via your gift card, there is a high chance the caller is trying to scam you.

Morgan Financial Recovery has a team that looks after all these new types of scams that have emerged in the market. Their team is already an expert in such fields. Already boasting of approximately $3 million worth of recoveries so far and their team of 56 attorneys dealing with 2400+ cases, it has been a long journey of fund recoveries thus making it the number one choice in its field.

How do these scammers scam you?

The customers receive phone calls regarding their delay in payment of taxes, bills and debts or even donating for a charity function. Little do these customers know that they are getting baited into an Apple iTunes gift card scam. When you are an Apple customer, you might also be receiving calls asking you to divulge in the details of your iTunes gift card codes. Morgan Financial Recovery clearly stats to never entertain such fraudulent practices as they have been clear cut examples of Apple iTunes Gift card scam. We receive approximately 800 complaints per day regarding people who have ended up being victims of the scam. In total, they have lost approximately $1.7 billion in total to such scams in 2019. Now, that’s a lot of money being lost and hence we suggest you to stay from such scams.

We now bring you a small summary of the report that was brought to you by the team of Morgan Financial Recovery after a detailed and thorough analysis of the subject.

There was a time when Money Order Scams were common and now Apple iTunes gift card scam has taken its place. Scammers try and end up making excuses such as donating to a charity show or might pose as an organization helping trafficked victims across the globe. They would tell you that a small contribution might help someone in the long run. You then end up failing to control your emotions end up providing your card details thus becoming a victim of another Apple iTunes Gift Card Scam.

It is known that iTunes Gift Cards can be used only on purchasing Apple Products, like an Apple Music Subscription, iCloud Storage or even Apple Books, the scammers sell them to another person for a small profit. Similar to cryptos, iTunes gift cards don’t have any kind of encryption associated with its purchase and hence Apple doesn’t verify whether a Gift Card code belongs to a particular person or so.

Also, note that if you receive an email instead of a call, don’t pay heed it it as it can be a phishing scam in the form of Apple iTunes gift card scam. The link on the email will redirect you to a fraudulent site where you will ask to enter your gift card details only to lose it totally. Scammers will steal your information and use it illegally. Only reply to emails with a proper domain name registered to it.

How to save yourself from a scam?

We at Morgan Financial Recovery clearly advise its customers not to divulge in any details of your card to any random person of some sort be it a phone call or an email. If you have been a victim of an Apple iTunes Gift Card Scam, you can directly contact us here. Reporting to the Federal Trade Commission or other regulatory authorities is not a good option because the FTC has got other things to do and might not entertain such a small request from your side. Unlike the FTC who deals with bigger trades and entertains requests pertaining to million-dollar scams, we don’t differentiate between any kind of scams. We entertain your Apple iTunes gift card scam fund recovery requests with pure professionalism.