Back in 2014, when the French regulatory authorities issued a warning about unauthorised Forex brokers, Big Option was one among them. In fact, Big Option scam was something that has been happening for quite some time now and many people were not aware of that. Morgan Financial Recovery tries to an earth that scam that is called the Big Option Scam and bring to you about the reason why it was busted way too early and what is the reason behind the fact that the options trading broker could dupe so many people at one go and literally extort approximately a million dollars from them.

Before getting to the Big Option scam, let's talk about Morgan Financial Recovery, a firm that has dedicated itself to serving clients who have lost their money in financial frauds all across the world. So far we have recovered more than 3 million dollars with the help of our 56 + attorneys spread across the globe. We have worked in approximately 2400 plus cases along with multiple clients in a row and our team is spread across 18 plus countries and counting. We are on the verge of extending our services to even more countries within the next few years.

How did the Big Option scam get unfolded?

At the time of publishing this article, we at Morgan Financial Recovery can see that the website is down and the company seems to be out of business. This is a clear indication of the fact that the Big Option has already scammed a lot of people and extorted a lot of money from them.

This started in 2014 when different financial authorities issued a warning about all the fake binary options and Forex brokers among which the Big Option was one among them. Then, the Anguilla Financial Services commission issued an investor alert about the firm in 2015. It follows within the next 2- 3 years where many are the commission's try to bring the Big Option Scam to the general public because it has duped thousands and thousands of people with lots and lots of money. The final nail in the coffin happened when Li Elbaz, the CEO of the company was arrested by the United States FBI for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit related to wire transfers. If you don't know what you come is lettuce tell you that you come is the parent company of Big Option. 

With approximately just one star review based on top binary options forums, we can see that the Big Option scam has duped a lot of people.  This scam rests on the same old withdrawal issues where people have been trying to withdraw their funds from the big option account for a long time, their requests acknowledged but no response were made at all. The worst part about it was that the big option doesn't provide any credit card withdrawal rules and only supports wire transfers which is the clear cut indication of a fraudulent practice. The Big Option scam used evidence from the fact that they didn't have any intention of refunding the client's money.

A team of members from Morgan Financial Recovery tried to to use the service provided by the broker. One member was invited by a dealer who told him that he is from Singapore, to deposit on the Big Option account and later they called him to say that it is a hedge fund model which is going to give him 17% fixed monthly returns and which can go to up to 50% during the extreme cases. When he tried to deposit 10,000 and he got approximately 7000 within a week, he realised that it is something that can be really good when it comes to earning money. He will try to withdraw the amount and the withdrawal was successful going to the fact that the deposit was less. After a few days a salesperson from the big option team called him and said that he should not deposit a large amount of money to get even more returns. He was smart enough to understand that it was a scam and Big Option is never going to refund him that money after he has made profit on the bigger deposit.

We talked to a few of our customers and found out that it is indeed true and those who failed to earn back the money, have come to the fact that they need to not deposit a big amount, and when they try to withdraw the funds the withdrawal process was not at all possible. Many of our customers lost close to $30,000 and they were our customers. All thanks to Morgan Financial Recovery we did our level best and we recovered the funds back to them. Do if you have been a victim of the Big Options scam you can definitely call us or email us and we are definitely going to help you refund the funds that you have lost back to you.

What to do if you have lost your money in the Big Option scam?

If you have lost your money in the Big Option scam, the first thing that you need to do is to not panic at all as we assure you that we at Morgan Financial Recovery have the best teams to get back your funds and recover it within a time frame of approximately 90 days. We have a dedicated team of attorneys, recovery managers, lawyers and private investigators who work around the clock to ensure you that we have the best recovery options available to you. Our unique methodology is something that we are proud of and hence, we say that you can contact us whenever you want if you think that you are a victim of any kind of financial fraud.