Binary Options Scams are probably the hottest topic right now in the financial market owing to the vast of new cases that come up every single day. There have been instances of people losing millions of their saving on such scams. At the same time, Morgan Financial Recovery has helped many victims recover funds from such binary options scams on a regular basis. Owing to their huge team of 50+ attorneys across the globe, they have been quite successful in recovering over $3 million with over 2400+ cases.

These scammers keep on bringing newer and newer ways to deceive young innocent investors as they don’t possess a lot of trading knowledge. A lot of forex and stock traders realize that the 21st century is filled with scammers all around, and hence the rise is directly proportional to the number of scams it has given rise to. They possess no financial knowledge about options trading whatsoever. Often, most of them are lured into get rich quick schemes and hence they invest their hard earned money and lose. Morgan Financial Recovery clearly states its customers about the fact that binary options scams are indeed the hotcake among the investors and without proper knowledge of the craft, one should definitely stay away from such scams.

What are binary options?

When the payoff is fixed or zero, binary options gets its name from there. Trading commodities, stocks or even currencies, these options do have a fixed expiration time and strike price. The trader decides when to exit the market at the right time and then gets a fixed return for the price. The return is sometimes a lot. IQ Options have reported to have been providing 900% returns on a few trades.

Unfortunately, Options Trading has been banned from a lot of countries and owing to such mishappenings, we, the team here at Morgan Financial Recovery have decided to make a checklist as to what one needs to verify before putting in the money here on a Binary Options broker.

Fake Exchanges

Morgan Financial Recovery has a portfolio of all the fake exchanges in the world. You can enquire about it by sending us a direct email. However, we did our thorough research and found out that a lot of exchanges that deal with binary options are indeed fake. Fake websites are developed by hiring a team of expert developers. Then these developers provide a list of fake algorithms that provide insane returns for the first few days. Then the salesperson would call you to ensure that if you make more deposits, you are going to earn more money. You get successfully enticed and spend the money.

Difficult Withdrawals

However, when it comes to withdrawals, there seems to be a jiffy. You will see that you reap in all the profits and soon you want to withdraw the money but the broker is making all kinds of excuses to delay it. Morgan Financial Recovery clearly suggests you stay away from such brokers who delay the withdrawal process as genuine binary options brokers would never do it. The brokers can make stupid excuses to delay the withdrawal process. Some of them say that they are having a bank holiday or strike in their particular country. Or probably there is some tax issue, as a result, they are not being able to send the money. Do note that wire transfers don’t take a lot of time and hence, it is highly advised to stay away from brokers who delay your wire transfers.

Super Insane Returns

The biggest and the most neglected fact is the super insane returns that is being provided by a lot of fraudulent firms across the globe. Do note that unless it is some top class firm like IQ Option, it is better to not trust some broker who offers such insane returns. They are nothing but some fake broker posing to be in the position of a Binary Options Scam.

Binary Options is lucrative but it involves a lot of risks as well. It requires you to pay your broker due to commissions and hence if the broker pays you some insane amount of returns it is indeed fake.

What to do when you lose your money?

There are times when even if you end up taking all the necessary precautions, you might end up losing your money. When you lose your money, you end up being sad, angry and dejected. But, you need to know that there is always a way out for these binary options scams and this is the exact reason you should take our help at Morgan Financial Recovery. A firm that has dealt over 2400+ cases across the globe and has recovered over $3 million with the help of their 56 attorneys will always come to your rescue. Do contact them to know more about their fund recovery procedures.