Late in this 21st century and especially in the previous decade, binary options has literally taken the world by storm. There has been so many binary options traders that thousands and thousands of new brokers are coming out every day and a lot among them are ending up being scams in the long run. Morgan Financial Recovery has already brought you a thorough breakthrough about all these scams that has happened so far, Binary Book scam being a new one so far. In fact, Binary Book scam is something that sounds like as if there is some random book that is good to help you in binary trading but that's not true. Binary Book is just another fake binary options trader. It is such a scam trader that it has taken thousands of dollars from all the innocent traders using their fraudulent practices who decided to trust them with their money. Such is the sad state of today's binary options trading that we recommend you to first do proper and research about any binary trading company before deciding to invest with them.

Before we dive deep into the Binary Book Scam, let's talk about Morgan Financial Recovery. If you don't know who Morgan Financial Recovery is you are definitely missing something as it is the best financial fund recovery firm in the world. Morgan Financial Recovery is such a good firm that we have so far recovered 3 million dollars from 2400+ cases that we have worked on and with the help of its 56 attorneys that work for us. We are spread in over 18 countries and with the amazing team of legal advisors and private investigators that we have and we believe that we are the next big thing when it comes to fund recoveries.  

How did the binary book scam got unfolded?

A group of researchers here at Morgan Financial Recovery decided to research about the binary book scam as much as we can. When we opened the website we found out a lot of things that are not up to the mark. For example, when we opened the website and we see that you are going to get an instant bonus of approximately $1,500, we realized that something was fishy. How can a company that is so brand new promise a bonus of approximately $1,500 to each and every customer that sign up for them? Out of curiosity, when we decided to sign up to see whether they give the real $1,500 to all the customers we realize that it is all fake. You need to first deposit approximately $10,000 and then only you are going to get approximately $1,500 as a bonus.

Then we decided to search for a license number that they should possess in order to provide trading services to the general public. We searched the entire website for a license number but we did not find a single place where it was published. What this proves is that the binary book scam is nothing but a fake binary trader that has been operating to extort money as much as they can from the innocent traders who don't know a lot about binary trading. They are just lying on the marketing and advertising campaigns so that they can do as many trading as they can and run away with the money as fast as possible. Owing to such a tumultuous situation, we immediately emailed our customers that they should stay away from the binary book scam and should not invest even a single dollar with the broker. 

Morgan Financial Recovery also found out that the binary book scam trader does not provide any kind of demo trading services. This is something that is really fishy and something that is the clear cut sign of the binary book scam being a fraudulent practice and nothing else. What we realized is that if you don't provide demo trading services to new customers, how can you expect that the customer is going to get acquainted with all the features that your exchange provides when he decides to start trading with real money? 

Binary book scam was also caught red-handed by us owing to the fact that there were plagiarized educational material and plagiarised About Us page on their website. Even the terms and conditions page that the binary book website had was something that was fake. After so many trials and errors, we decided to finally conclude that binary book scam is something that is soon going to unfold and as a result, one should not trade any kind of funds with the trader.  

What to do if you have in a victim of the binary books scam? 

The first thing that you need to do is not panic at all because we at Morgan Financial Recovery are definitely going to help you recover your funds. Morgan Financial Recovery has been dealing with such binary trading scams for a long time now and as a result we have got the proper expertise to deal with the binary book scam. Our expert advisors and legal attorneys are always there to guide you 24/7 so that you can expect to get your funds back within a record period of 90 days. We have a success rate over 90% which clearly proves that we are definitely one of the best financial recovery firms in the world. Do contact us if you have been a victim of the Binary Book scam.