With the advancement in binary trading technology, we have seen that there are thousands of new brokers that come up every single day with some unique technology (as claimed by them). One among them was the Bitcoin Trader, who promised its buyers with approximately 120% to 130% profits in each bitcoin trade. Morgan Financial Recovery, soon found out that there was something that is seriously wrong with such high returns and as a result decided to investigate the Bitcoin trader scam and found out certain results that are indeed quite shocking.

Before we dig deep into the Bitcoin Trader scam, let's make you get acquainted with our firm Morgan Financial Recovery. We, as a fund recovery group, have successfully recovered more than 3 million dollars over a time frame of 10 years and have successfully worked in over 2400 plus cases with our amazing team of 56+ attorneys and private investigators, legal advisors and banking experts. You need to know that we do make sure that you sign up a confidentiality agreement before using our services so that all the recovery processes happen in a diligent and smooth manner. 

What made us expose the Bitcoin Trader Scam?

At the time of writing this article, the website at Bitcoin trader is no longer accessible. It has done whatever damage it could do to the young innocent traders and ripped them of their hard earned money. But, we at Morgan Financial Recovery had already discovered this scam and notified our respective customers. As a result a lot of people have saved a lot of money by not investing in such a stupid broker.

When we opened the Bitcoin trading website, we were directed towards the registration process that was itself really quick and easy. Unfortunately, what shocked us was that the broker needed a minimum deposit of $1,000 which was something that was really scary. The website was not even protected by SSL certificate (https) and it was indeed quite shocking for a financial website. Also, they only accepted credit card payments and not any secure third party payments like PayPal, which clearly paved the way for the Bitcoin Trader scam that was about to get unfolded very soon.

Bitcoin trader scam was exposed all thanks to our recovery managers at Morgan Financial Recovery. There were constant issues with wrong calculations and the funds that were transferred completely in an inaccurate manner as well. Their testimonial section was filled with fake reviews from various agencies. The testimonial section had images that were directly taken from Google images. We found that out by searching for the image via the reverse algorithm method. 

The Bitcoin trader scam was found out also due to the bad withdrawal systems that they had. The deposits could only be made by credit cards and it was an easy way to steal your information. Withdrawals happened via wire transfer but unfortunately a lot of investors didn't get back their money at all. The website had a fake feedback review system where fake customer reviews were published just to make the website look genuine. Also, the exchange that they ran and the algorithm that they followed was something that was really fishy as initially you get a lot of profits with small deposits but as you start making big deposits you end up losing money in quick succession.

What to do if you have been a victim of the Bitcoin Trader scam? 

The bitcoin trader scam has defrauded a lot of investors, and we at Morgan Financial Recovery has recovered money for all those who have been defrauded by them. Since, in our previous reports, we have already stated about the Bitcoin Trader scam, hence, all our customers were already saved by us and for those who couldn’t we helped them recover back their funds. Hence, we are repeating time and time again, that if you have been a victim of the Bitcoin Trader scam, do contact us at the earliest and we will get back to you with the best recovery solution.