With the advent of new technology, online casinos have been at the forefront of earning a lot of money in quick succession. Unfortunately, according to a report published by Morgan Financial Recovery, there has been a steep rise of online casino scams across in the previous decade and so much that some people have ended up being broke in such a financial situation. The firm has dealt with a lot of such scams and has successfully recovered a lot of funds from them, all thanks to the amazing group of 50+ attorneys who are spread across the globe. They also have a team of private investigators who work on such scams on a daily basis and are on the way to bust a few more on the lot.

A lot of sites, like PokerStars, are genuine, however, fake ones are more in number in the market. Online casinos are attractive owing to the amount they bring in quick succession but a lot of them are rigged. Morgan Financial Recovery found out that a lot of them initially lure players with insane bonuses but in the long run, you end up realizing that you are losing way more than you are making at one go.

Insane Bonus Offerings

A lot of casinos offer insane bonuses before you sign up for the site. This is the first sign of the game being rigged because no online casino is going to offer a cash bonus if you don’t deposit money at first. Once you try to cash in the bonus, you would realize that you need to first make a huge deposit to cash it in. A lot of young naive players end up losing the deposits that they make on online casinos and at the same time lose the bonuses as well. Morgan Financial Recovery highly suggests you to stay away from such bonus offerings and only focus on the proper ethics of the game. Also, if something seems fishy and you realize its a casino scam in the making, it is highly suggested to leaving playing the game immediately and cash in whatever is left.

Rigged Play Money Algorithm

Every casino offers two options - first Play Money and then Real Money. However, you will realize that a lot of times, you are earning a handsome amount of money in Play Money but as soon as you shift to Real Money the odds end up being against you. This is pretty common in a lot of online casinos. Online casinos have a different set of card algorithms for play money and real money and as a result, these online casinos have been making millions every year, owing to such rigged gameplay.

Fake Bot Players

When you open an online casino and enter a room at different intervals across the day, you would find out that there are a lot of players who are always available to play. At first, you seem to be not so hesitant, but you should be because Morgan Financial Recovery has reported these players to be bots who are specially coded and designed to make you lose. These bots have special playing abilities and can easily sense your cards and as a result, they end up duping you with your money. Hence it is suggested to stay away from such online casino scams.

Credit Card Frauds

Finally, the most common are credit card frauds where scammers develop an attractive looking website only to steal your credit card details. Morgan Financial Recovery always suggests you to double-check the website details before divulging in your credit card whereabouts to them. Never divulge your card details to a casino that has been new to the market and doesn’t hold a good reputation.

What to do when you lose your money in an online casino scam?

The answer is simple. You contact us at Morgan Financial Recovery, a firm that has always helped scam victims recover funds no matter where they have lost it from. We have been dealing with casino fund recoveries for quite some time now and hence, we can say that we are the best in the lot owing to the amazing team of attorneys, bankers and financial advisors that we have teamed up with. We also have a dedicated customer service team who will look at your queries and reply back on a positive note in no time.