Cryptos have been the rage of the 21st Century and many have invested a lot of money into it. Some have won big while the majority have lost big. The reason why they lost big is primarily because of the stupidity of those who believed in such scams that had schemes that provide insane returns. All thanks to our firm Morgan Financial Recovery that helped a majority of them recover back their funds in quick succession.

Our Firm, Morgan Financial Recovery, has over a decade of experience and with $3 million recovered so far, they have been in the business for over a decade now. A research there proved that over 90% of the crypto exchanges in the world are fraudulent in nature and don’t have a working prototype. It sounds fake but it is true. Our team of over 56+ attorneys has been working diligently every day to solve new and much more complicated cases that arise every day. All thanks to them, they have so far covered over 2400+ cases till now.

Cryptos are slowly gaining ground all day every day, and with the new exchanges coming up every day, we are working to demystify the myths and practices surrounding them. Cryptocurrency Scams are always there to dupe you in some way or the other and such is the case of all these scams as well. All thanks to fund recovery groups like Morgan Financial Recovery who are there on the prowl and devise new methods to bust these cryptocurrency scams on a regular basis. Very few people know that  once the money is invested in these scammy schemes, they won’t be getting their money back and instead of the returns, they would end up getting more sad and depressed.

A lot of cryptocurrency scams like BitConnect and MtGox came and went, however many new still come and go. Very few investors are actually able to figure out the authenticity of the scams owing to their extraordinary marketing skills and high class looking websites. Also included are multi-level marketing structured algorithms, high payouts and celebrity endorsements and it made guessing the authenticity even more difficult. In spite of the team of advisors at Morgan Financial Recovery figuring out about the fraudulent nature of these companies’ way before, some of the investors still fell for it and lost their money.  

Types of Cryptocurrency Scams:

Crypto Trading Bots:

Crypto trading bots have created a nuisance among the traders. They are on a rampant rise primarily because of the mindset of an individual who wants to get extraordinary returns without actually investing time and hard work into the trade. The companies market these crypto bots by saying that they have been created after lots and lots of work into the field. For creating these bots special help has been taken from a team of highly qualified professionals across the globe who have been dealing with cryptocurrencies for over a decade. That conclusion is indeed fake and nothing else.

These bots are nothing but copies of some age-old bots which have been taken from some old forex trading mechanism and converted into the crypto mechanism. Morgan Financial Recovery highly suggests you to stay away from them.

Fraudulent ICO’s

Pretty common in reality, ICO’s or Initial Coin Offerings can be fabricated easily owing to the limited number of rules and regulations that they adhere to. However, you can save yourself from an ICO if you follow a set of rules and provisions mentioned by Morgan Financial Recovery. Firstly, do check that whether the whitepaper that they provide is genuine or fabricated from someone else. Copying someone’s whitepaper, working on the same old marketing strategy and too much celeb endorsements are some of the most common signs of a scam. Major players in the fake ICO list include Bitconnect, One Coin and PlexCoin. Also, if the members are asking you to invest in a hurry, then there is a high chance of the ICO being a scammy one.

Be it any ICO, Morgan Financial Recovery starts scrutinizing from Day 1 itself. The team of 50+ attorneys and lawyers follow a strict scrutiny process which involves a lot of professionalism and time. Just to make sure that the right information reaches you, we are ready to work on anything that matters the most.

Fake Crypto Wallets

In order to store your crypto, you need a wallet that is either physical or has cloud storage. Most prefer e-wallets that are safe and secure however if the amount of crypto that you have is limited, then it is better to have a hardware wallet.

E-wallets have their downsides as well because most of them are fake ones indeed. These e-wallets are going to store all the information that you find to be secure enough, unfortunately none of your information is actually sealed and can be easily passed on to third-party vendors. Most of the fake e-wallets aim to steal your data and private crypto keys. Since crypto transactions are irreversible and are encrypted in nature, you can do nothing once the money is lost. Hence, it is always advised to take the help of a professional firm like Morgan Financial Service to check whether your e-wallet is genuine or not.

Other small scams need to be verified as well like fraudulent crypto exchanges that don’t have any valid license numbers. License numbers of valid exchanges are always available in the public domain.

What to do when your money is lost?

Cryptocurrency Scams are rampant in the industry with scammers trying out new methods to scam their victims on a daily basis. However, at Morgan Financial Recovery we make sure that you get back your money no matter what happens. Our firm is dedicated to providing the best in class solutions of fund recovery, (including crypto recovery) and with our expertise, experience, and professionalism we pride ourselves into letting you know that we have a team of 50+ attorneys, a decade of experience and a track record of over 2400+ cases with over $3 million recovered.

Instead of filing a complaint with some random regulatory authority and getting no response, directly send us an email and we would reply back to you at the earliest.