Owing to inflation and the entire world going through a phase of recession, a good investment in nowadays time would be of diamonds. Unfortunately, as you would not even believe it, people are there to dupe you of your money in these diamond scams as well. Morgan Financial Recovery is the one-stop solution to all your fund recovery woes across the globe. We have the best-in-class fund recovery procedures that have been specially crafted by the expert team of attorneys, bankers and the complete legal team with a strength of over 54+ right now. Our stats do prove that we are one of the best in business at this very moment. Our team has recovered over $3 million to date and is on its way to recovering even more.

E-commerce has been a boon in today’s world and as a result, you can now buy Diamonds online in a very easy manner. Diamonds are the most precious gemstones in the world and they exhibit class and sophistication along with finesse. Unfortunately, owing to a lot of new frauds that have been happening in the diamond industry, Morgan Financial Recovery has decided to unravel some of them and bring it to you. With our knowledge of all kinds of financial frauds across the world and our significant efforts curbing it, we can proudly say that we have seen a significant drop in the number of cases on a global scale. A big thanks to the FBI for helping us out and being a constant support to us for busting such scams.

Lack of knowledge is the biggest threat to humanity and hence a lot of scams happen due to the above reason. Authenticity of diamonds takes a back seat in the e-commerce industry with reputed brands indulging themselves in scams as well. The naivete of the buyers coupled with the dubious practices of the sellers make sure that these scams keep happening and they keep losing money.

Artificially Coloured Diamond

A pure diamond is colorless and is also very costly. So costly that some people can not easily afford it. In such cases, most buyers end up buying colored diamond that are filled with impurities and is extremely non-shiny in nature. A lot of guys at Morgan Financial Recovery would have been victims of the colored diamonds scams but thankfully they are not, owing to the training that we provide at our firm to our employees. Diamond is a purest of the pure element and a coloured diamond is nothing but a fake one. Many investors buy colored diamonds and end up falling victims to such simple diamond scams. The colorless stature of the diamonds is produced after high refinement of the rough ones. A lot of sellers sell these artificially colored diamonds as original ones which is completely against the law. The scams happening due to these diamonds are unacceptable in nature and needs to be stopped.

Rounding off Carat Weights

Do you know that carat weight makes a big difference in diamond prices? Like a 0.75-carat diamond would be way more costly than a 0.66-carat diamond. Owing to this exact reason, a lot of diamond retailers round off a 0.66-carat diamond into a 0.75-carat diamond. This is illegal as per the law and the buyers spend way more for a diamond where it should have been way lesser. Thankfully, the experts at Morgan Financial Recovery clearly advises us that one should always ask for a proof of the exact weight of the diamond and not be fooled by the rounded off carat weights.

Also, other scams are also common in the online diamond industry. When you plan to buy a diamond and finally decide to buy it, the retailer ends up giving you a diamond that is fake and looks exactly like the original. Such cases are rampant in the online industry and hence, it is always advised to buy from reputed sellers only.

What to do when you have lost your money?

Diamonds are precious metals and hence, one should be extremely careful while buying them. In spite of the precautions, some end up losing their money due to the rampant diamond scams that are happening in the world. However, if you have been a victim of any diamond scam that’s online is nature, you can contact us at Morgan Financial Recovery. The firm is dedicated to eradicating all kinds of online financial frauds across the world, be it crypto scams, binary options scams, forex scams or even diamond scams. Our unique methodology of dealing with the scams and our best-in-class approach when it comes to customer service projects us as the numero uno fund recovery group in the world.