Forex Trading is one of the most popular forms of trading and with its advancement, there has been quite an uproar in the trading industry. EuropeFX, one top broker has been in the news after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission put a restrain order on the firm. Morgan Financial Recovery details you about the EuropeFX scam and how a broker that was once supposedly in the race for being the best in the world, ended up being just another fraudulent practice in the long run. With non-existent customer service and extremely high commission and fees, we are rest assured that EuropeFX scam was the fraud that was going to get busted sooner or later. 

Let us talk a bit about our firm Morgan Financial Recovery. We are the best Fund Recovery group in the world and so, far we have recovered over $3 million and have worked in over 2400+ cases and our amazing team of 128+ attorneys, coupled with private investigators, legal advisors and bankers have been working diligently for over a decade now to end all kinds of financial frauds across the world. We also make sure that you sign a confidentiality agreement so that all the recovery process takes place in a secluded manner and we believe that this exact clandestine approach has made us the numero uno choice in the fund recovery firms across the globe. 

Here’s how the EuropeFX scam got unfolded: 

EuropeFx Scam ran on the Ponzi Pyramid Mechanism

A pyramid scheme mainly works on a networking basis where product sales is directly proportional to the income earned.  The more number of new members he can bring to the table, the more his commission would be. The commission would directly be based on the number of new joiners. EuropeFX scam pretty worked in the same mechanism where it provided affiliate links to all the new joiners and told them to promote it as much as they can. After a new trader joins using an affiliate link, the previous trader gets a small commission and the cycle goes on and on. Morgan Financial Recovery warns you to never fall for such Ponzi Pyramid schemes.

Buying in all the information

The salespersons who worked at EuropeFx try their level best to convince you to deposit as much money as you can. The more the money you are going to deposit, the larger your profit would be. These are nothing but false promises with the hope of high returns. One needs to know that a forex broker makes a certain percentage of commission every time a trader makes a profit. As a result, the broker encourages a trader to buy and sell forex more often than what the trader can afford. In most cases, the profit earned significantly reduces owing to the number of trades. 

The trader ends up buying in all the information and hence Morgan Financial Recovery clearly states that you should not entertain stupid advises from unknown personalities. 

High Returns from Forex Bots

Morgan Financial Recovery got the better of the EuropeFX scam owing to the forex bots that they used which promised them insanely high returns. You need to know that forex bots are something this in itself is a huge part of the fraudulent market. Such is the case that one needs to realize that bots can never provide high returns to you, owing to the fact that forex being a constant tussle among ups and downs of the trading scenario. Hence, if a group is trying to sell you the fact that bots do the work for them, then we suggest you to highly avoid them in the very first place itself. Keep you money safe and secure. 

What to do if you have been a victim of the EuropeFX scam?

What if I say that there is always an option of getting your money back if you have been victimized by the EuropeFX scam? It might be surprising to hear that, but is true in every sense. All you need to do is go on searching for a good fund recovery firm that has a stellar reputation and has a good success rate in this field. Morgan Financial Recovery, a firm dedicated to recovering your funds within 90 days, is one of the most preferred Recovery Firms in the world. Their world-class team of respectable attorneys and lawyers, work with an efficient team of private investigators across 18 countries to eradicate financial frauds and bring your money back. Contact us if you have been a victim of the EuropeFx Scam.