If you are involved in binary options trading, there is very less percent chance that you have not heard about the IQ option. IQ option is one of the biggest it, in fact the biggest binary options trading broker in the world. What makes this broken unique is the way it is marketed itself. But, we at Morgan financial recovery have found out that there are certain things about the IQ option that we need to bring out to the general public. For example not not much is known about the founder of IQ option. Also, there are a lot of things that i q option doesn't seem to do right for example when we opened our account it showed approximately nine hundred percent returns on the found that we are going to deposit but we never saw those kind of returns. This clearly brought a lot of suspicion on our minds and so we decided to investigate the company and find out without whether IQ option scam is something that one needs to talk about or not. 

Morgan financial recovery, is the numero Uno choice when it comes to fund recoveries across the world going to financial frauds full form so far we have recovered over 3 million dollars with the help of our 50 + attorneys who have worked in over 2, 400+ cases and certain clients and multiple clients as well. our team is present in over 18 + countries across the globe with the and with the help of a private investigators we have been able to perform our duties at the highest level no matter whatever the circumstances are.

What made us believe that IQ option scam could be a possibility?

Whenever there is a broker or financial form that is being registered in the United States or abroad, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind. The first thing is that the founder needs to be the face of the campaign unlike in IQ option where there is absolutely no trace of the founder. The founder has put some random Russian name on Google and they say that the the firm is situated somewhere in Seychelles. if you don't know Seychelles is the primary hub of all scams atom originated so far. the financial rules and regulations in Seychelles extremely lenient and as a result it is the prime spot for all the scam that happened across the world when it comes to finance.

Also, IQ option could be the next bitconnect scam. the form is promoting itself to be a top class broker but no one knows where about the ins and outs of IQ Option. Aadarsh things about the IQ option scam being unfolded is the fact that IQ option makes it really difficult to do with travels at one go to stop whenever you are trying to withdraw your money there are certain excuses that the company makes like tax issues for government irregularities. viat modern financial recovery ID believe that if a company is trying to to a boy with jewels, then there is a high chance of the IQ option scam being a possibility in the real world.

What to do if you have lost your money in the IQ option scam?

if you have lost your money in the IQ option scam, there is the best thing that you can do which to contact us at Morgan financial recovery. If you don't know who we are, you need to realise that we have our team of protons and private investigator in Seychelles as well. So we can help you recover back your phones in quick succession, all thanks to the legal frameworks that we are a part of in the social community. do contact us if you have think that IQ option scam is something that is victimized you as well.