Magnum Options Scam was one of the most prominent scams that was ever committed in the United Kingdom. The firm faked itself into people believing that it was a legit broker only to be uncovered after a thorough investigation by the regulatory authorities with the help of Morgan Financial Recovery. The investigation was successful all thanks to us and our team of world-class private investigators and attorneys, here at Morgan Financial Recovery who worked day in day out to bring the Magnum Options Scam in front of you so that no other guy gets duped in the scam.

Morgan Financial Recovery believes that no customer should be bereft of quality service. Our team is dedicated to provide you the best-in-class service at the best rates possible. We have a team of 54+ attorneys and legal advisors who are always there to guide you, no matter how small or big the fraud is. With over a decade of experience in this field and over $3 million recovered so far, we have a success rate across the world which projects us as the best in the business so far.

The company hired fake PR agencies to promote itself as a top broker who would then write fake reviews and promote the product. They also hired fake advertising agencies who introduced themselves as top executives working for the company. They would come up in front of the camera and say that they were quite poor and all of a sudden, they found out about Magnum Options who changed their destiny forever.

Magnum Options Scam unfolded when they asked their customers to invest in fixed-odds betting investments which took their total tally to over £750,000 and even more. Soon, we at Morgan Financial Recovery found out that they were providing investment advice without a proper license. We are a firm believer of the UK Insolvency Service and when they instructed us to work on the case, we decided to do so by helping them unfold the Magnum Options Scam.

The below factors were enough to expose them -

Promises Made vs Returns Delivered

Magnum Options promised their investors with an 80% return over a brief period of time. The smart sales team that they hired helped them with their success. Their aggressive sales approach to call a person who was lured into a potential investor.

The firm was quite successful owing to the smart sales team, but wait the Magnum Options Scam was just waiting to be unfolded.Unsolicited calls to the victims were common until and unless those salespersons got hold of a naive investor, they kept on pitching them with an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

Unfortunately, every company, unlike Morgan Financial Recovery doesn’t hold onto their promises and such was the way how the Magnum Options Scam was uncovered. Guaranteed returns were promised but one catch made all the difference. However, the firm didn’t entertain small withdrawals at all. They said that one needs to make bigger deposits so that the withdrawals are possible, primarily because of some tax issues that don't support small withdrawals. Morgan Financial Recovery already warned everyone regarding such traits of the Magnum Options Scam. Some of the investors, paying no heed to the warnings, ended up doing so, but unfortunately, they lost their money as no payouts were made even after repeated attempts. The firm was eventually closed after an investigation. It was found out that the firm has duped people with over £750,000 till then.

What to do if you lose your money?

If you have lost your money in Magnum Options Scam or any other binary fraud, you need to realize that everything is not lost. All you need to do is hire a good fund recovery group who can recover the funds for you in quick succession. Morgan Financial Recovery is one such firm. We have a trained group of attorneys who can help you get your money back in no time. We pledge ourselves into being the best in the business for over 10 years now and with over $3 million recovered so far, we believe in eradicating financial crimes across the world as soon as possible. We have our own database of fraud companies that helps us recover your funds faster than any other recovery group can do. If you have been a victim of a financial scam similar to Magnum Options Scam, do contact us and we will get back to you in no time.