Sending money to someone you know but is residing in a different country is something that everyone views as necessity. But certain people view it as a way to dupe someone. Morgan Financial Recovery details you about such scams, called the Money Wire Transfer Scams, due to which consumers lose millions of dollars each year. Services like MoneyGram, Western Union and others allow us to send money offshores quickly. You can use them to send to anyone like your relatives or friends but con artists have been really smart nowadays and dupe people via using these exact services itself.

Morgan Financial Recovery, a firm dedicated to helping you recover funds in quick succession, is the numero uno choice when it comes to fund recoveries from any type of scam. We have been dealing with recoveries related to money wire transfer scams for a long time now and our team of 50+ attorneys have worked in over 2400+ cases overall and recovered over $3 million as of now. The team here consists of highly motivated individuals who make sure that your funds will reach you within 90 days.

Money Wire Transfer Scams always have the same end goal i.e. to convince someone to send money via wire transfer and once you have done that, they would not entertain any requests at all. We highly suggest you to never wire money to someone you don’t know.

How Money Wire Transfer Scams take place:

Morgan Financial Recovery did thorough research as to how money wire transfer scams take place and found out the following details. You will be asked to wire money for some distant friend, relative, or charity organization. The asking process will either happen through phone calls or emails. You will be sent a link with a payment service where con artists will ask you confidently that there has been some serious issue and you need to pay it.

The con artists can say that your payment could not be processed due to the government regulations and hence there will be an extra added processing fees which will add to it. The processing fees could be wired directly. Once you entertain their request, a confirmation code will reach your phone and if you provide them with the code, you are done. The money wire transfer scam has successfully been completed. Once the money has been transferred, it can’t be traced back.

Types of Money Wire Transfer Scams

Classified Ad Purchases (Fake sellers and buyers) -

Con artists browse online classifieds for potential victims and try to find anything that provides value to them. They try to be an interested buyer and then offer payments via a counterfeit check which is more than the designated value. You will then be asked to deposit the extra value via some means like wire transfer. Once you deposit it, your money is gone. Hence, Morgan Financial Recovery, in order to save yourself from such money wire transfer scams, advise you to first deposit the check and then only reimburse the amount into the buyer’s or sellers’ account.

Fake lotteries

This has to be extremely common, which also got the name of Nigerian fraud. You often receive a mail stating that you have won a million dollars as a lottery and need to send in your details. After sending in your details you get a reply that you have to make a small token amount deposit as processing fees (which you need to wire immediately). Some end up doing it and becomes a victim of money wire transfer scams. Morgan Financial Recovery have their agents in Nigeria as well, hence we can recover your money if you have lost it on some Nigerian Scam or so.

What to do when you have lost your funds due to money wire transfer scams?

Firstly, let us tell you that your money is not lost. It has just been transferred to an offshore bank account. And most probably, that offshore account will belong to a country where our private investigators are already slogging to expose such scams. Hence, we at Morgan Financial Recovery can help you recover your funds very quickly if you have been a victim of any kind of money wire transfer scam. Apart from the investigators, we also have a group of attorneys and legal advisors in different countries who work day in day out to handle all the customer woes. You can contact us whenever you feel like.