There was a time when scams were only limited to trading and financial departments. Also, with the world going through the coronavirus crisis, many people have lost their jobs. Certain con artists taking advantage of such a situation brought a scam by posing it as an online job opportunity. Morgan Financial Recovery acted quickly and busted the scam. We now bring you a detailed analysis of the online wealth market scam.

But before that, you need to know a bit more about our firm. We at Morgan Financial Recovery have been steadily rising the ranks to achieve the top position as the best fund recovery firm in the world. We have a dedicated group of 56 attorneys who have worked in over 2456+ cases and recovered over $3 million so far (the number will keep on increasing by the way). Our team has pledged to eradicate all kinds of financial frauds in the world.

What is the Online Wealth Market Scam?

Online Wealth Market is a trading software that doubles up as an online job opportunity to all those who are looking for passive income. Right now, being all over the internet owing to the amazing marketing that has been done by them, they have a lot of fake paid reviews which makes them seem like they are legit which they actually are not. In fact they are not limited to a .com domain and expand themselves to .org, .net and other stuff as well. Why on earth would a legit company, instead of helping their customers end up making multiple domains and spend heavily on fake reviews? Something definitely feels fishy here.

Working on the “same work from home” technique, they entice innocent people by asking them to provide a one time fee of $97 (which varies a lot). Once you buy it, you will be directed to a Home Jobs page and then you will get a few jobs but would never be able to recover the amount you spend. Morgan Financial Recovery thinks that the Online Wealth Market Scam is something that is going to get exposed very soon.

Why do we think that Online Wealth Market is a scam?

Pay to Work

Whenever you see an opportunity where the company asks you to pay beforehand to get the job, there is a high chance it might be a rigged job offer. The Online Wealth Market scam unfolded in such a manner only. Since it asks you to pay beforehand, we the experts at Morgan Financial Recovery suggest you that it is a fraudulent site. Never entertain such requests in the near future.

Fake Adverts and Sales Page

When you open the sales page, you would be greeted with a welcome message as to how the company has helped certain people get their dream “Work from Home” jobs in a jiffy. It would also show as to how certain people who were once broke and now are literally making thousands of dollars every month. A thorough investigation by Morgan Financial Recovery found out that the pictures were blatantly copied from the internet and pasted onto the website, enough to expose the online wealth market scam.

Fake tactics to entice customers

The online wealth market scam has developed a lot of ways to entice customers into buying its products. Apart from the professional look of the website, it also has that same old limited slots technique. When you open the website you will be greeted with a message that they are currently running a 50% discount and only few slots are left. You will feel that if you don’t hurry up, you will end up losing on the amazing offer. However, that is not the truth because we visited the website the next day and the same offer was repeated even then. Hence, its better to not fall prey for such dubious claims.

What to do if you have lost money to the Online Wealth Market Scam?

Losing money from services like online wealth market scam is pretty common. However, you don’t need to worry because Morgan Financial Recovery is always there to help you, no matter how much money we have lost. Our attorneys and legal advisors have successfully recovered funds from all kinds of scams and we also have a 90-day fund recovery guarantee which will make sure that you get all your money back within 90 days. Do contact us if you have been a victim of the online wealth market scam.