Paypal is the most preferred online payment option for overseas payments or domestic payments as well. Paypal has got very strict rules when it comes to handling customer requests. The rules are so strict that sometimes the customers end up making fraudulent practices to get their money back for the product that they have paid money for. Morgan Financial Recovery did a research and found out that PayPal chargeback scams have been rise over the last few years and as a result brings you the result to know more about such PayPal chargebacks scams that have been circulating in the financial world every now and then. 

If you don’t know who Morgan Financial Recovery is, then you should know as we are the numero uno fund recovery group in the world. We have a team of 50+ attorneys who are spread across 18 countries and have recovered over $3 million so far. Being the best fund recovery group in the world, we do not differentiate between big deliverables and small ones. If you are an individual who has lost a lot of money or if you are a multi-million dollar revenue-making firm, we do not differentiate between any kind. PayPal chargeback scams have recently been on the rise and as a result we have ramped up our team to deal with all kinds of scams related to PayPal chargebacks.

Paypal chargeback scams related to online payments

This happens when the customer decides to buy a product but on the inside, decides that he is not going to pay for the product. What he does instead, that instead of putting the original address, he put on a fake address and the delivery person is confused about where to deliver the product. He tries to deliver the product on multiple locations but fails to do so. He then returns the product to the delivery centre. The scammer then goes to the original delivery centre and gets the product. He then updates the delivery status on the PayPal website that he has not received the product. Paypal refunds money back to him and the seller and ends up getting scammed. 

Fake Paypal website

Another big PayPal chargeback scam is that of the fake website, that has been spoofed. It is often seen that big websites like PayPal are often spoofed and the link to the particular website is sent to the victim via email or text message. The email that is sent to them contains a special offer that is too hard to resist. The victim opens the link and ends up inputting his details on that particular website. The damage is done. Morgan Financial Recovery states to its customers that we should stay away from such phishing emails and should not click on any suspicious link that directs them to such a website, as such PayPal Chargeback Scams are incredibly popular.

Merchant account PayPal chargeback scams

This is a new type of PayPal chargeback scam as discovered by the researchers here at Morgan Financial Recovery. The scammers here advertise a product for a particular amount, say $100. The payments are made to a PayPal account of the scammer. The scammer sends an empty courier box with a different tracking number to a different address but with the same zip code. The buyer tracks the package via the courior service where it shows as delivered. The buyer submits a claim to PayPal whereas the merchant (scammer) submits the tracking number as delivered. PayPal closes the case. The buyer is now out after the money. The buyer may assume the product was stolen as it shows as delivered. If the buyer is lucky he can as a sympathetic postmaster to check the address to find out the courier, not the product with the same tracking number was delivered to another address. PayPal says get a letter from the courier to that regard. The buyer goes back to the courier company to find out that they can't give you that information for privacy reasons. The scammer keeps the money. PayPal is complicit and makes its transaction % and the buyer is sold. One of the great scams indeed. We at Morgan Financial Recovery sometimes think that why would anyone work for a living when scamming is this easy? 

What to do if you have been defrauded under a PayPal chargeback scam?

If you have been a victim of the PayPal chargeback scam, you don't need to worry. The first thing that you need to do is to contact us at Morgan Financial Recovery and we will do our very best to recover the funds for you. We are the best fund recovery group in the world and our unique methodology of dealing with these scams has made us the number one choice when it comes to fund recoveries. We guarantee you that your friends will get back to you within a record period of 90 days. Do contact us if you have been a victim of the PayPal chargeback scam.