The world is under a crisis right now and as per our notice at Morgan Financial Recovery, certain drug manufacturers have been taking advantage of it and trying to do some nuisance when it comes to its production. Not that earlier pharmaceutical scams have not been unearthed, but doing it under such grave situations is something that’s simply not commendable.

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Not that pharmaceutical scams have not been committed before. Major companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer have already been such victims of the trade. Let’s look at some of the most common pharmaceutical scams that have been rampant across the industry.

Failing to Comply with CGMP requirements

Every drug before coming to the market, needs to be checked and manufactured under the guidelines of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Such regulations are essential to ensure the quality of the medicines in the market. Failure of such tests might mean that companies are not taking drug safety in a serious way and hence, wrong mixture ratios and equipment are used to manufacture drugs. This is one of the most serious pharmaceutical scams happening in the world.

However, thanks to the whistleblowers who have helped Morgan Financial Recovery unearth such scams on a regular basis. If not for them, such scams would forever could not have been brought in the limelight.

Unlawful Kickbacks

When a doctor prescribes a drug, you think he is doing you a huge favour. However a greater favour is done by those drug companies who pay such doctors huge money so that they can prescribe that particular drug to the company. The behind the scenes story of such pharmaceutical scams is a horror story. Sometimes some doctors prescribe wrong medicines just to earn a huge commission from the drug manufacturing companies. In return, the doctors get to go to exotic vacations and afford all the lavish lifestyle only one can dream of at the expense of the life of certain patients.

Morgan Financial Recovery is highly discouraged one to provide unlawful kickbacks to its employees. We hire our employees after detailed scrutiny and make sure they get proper compensation for their service provided. Hence, kickbacks are simply out of question.

Clinical Drug Trials Manipulation

A drug, before coming to the market, needs FDA approval. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration which makes sure that the drug goes through a set of trials and safety guidelines to test its effectiveness. This however paves way for  pharmaceutical scams where companies provide false data to the FDA so that they do not disclose the required information thus jeopardizing the safety of such drugs. Some of them even pay drug researchers bribes so that they put a false report of the drug being approved.

Who are we and what do we do?

The article presents a brief overview of the pharmaceutical scams that happen all across the world, highly reputable brands included. Scams are everywhere, be it the pharmaceutical industry or any other industry. With its increase on a daily basis, you yourself need to be very careful after looking at the points discussed above.

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