There was once a time when people believed in Binary Options Trading because of its authenticity and brand value. Such is no longer the case because of the hundreds of binary scams that are happening on a daily basis, most of which is conducted by the same set of scammers who dupe people using different methods. One such scam that was caught way back in 2017 was TradeRush, all with the help of Morgan Financial Recovery. If you don’t know, who we are then you should. We are one of the best recovery firms in the world that specializes in all kinds of scams including binary scams, crypto scams, forex scams and even online casino scams. We have an amazing team of 54+ attorneys who work day in day out to bring forward the best recovery solutions for you. We have so far dealt with over 2400+ cases and recovered more than $3 million in cash.

TradeRush scam started way back in 2017 and was busted in the same year. The reason behind its success lies in its marketing as initially, it helped with huge returns where the investors used to get a lot of money as return from TradeRush. However, the TradeScam was busted when they stopped giving in the returns in spite of their marketing efforts. They kept marketing themselves through all means be it social media, digital ads, or celebrity endorsements. So much scam, definitely something was fishy.

Some problems that TradeRush had were:

Fake exchange mechanisms

The TradeRush scam was first exposed by Morgan Financial Recovery when they found out that the firm was using a fake exchange to trade the investor’s funds. The exchange mechanism was such that when you initially deposit a small amount it will show you that you have made a profit irrespective of how the market behaves. When more funds were deposited, they sometimes used to end up in a loss. Later, it was found out by our team that the mechanism was exactly copied from previous scam operators that were exposed by us.

Withdrawal Issues

TradeRush had a lot of withdrawal issues. Morgan Financial Recovery had already warned its customers to not invest with the broker since the TradeRush scam would soon be out in the open. When a customer of TradeRush used to invest his money and made a huge profit, TradeRush would delay the withdrawal requests. They would make stupid excuses like they have a severe crunch in their financial team or they have so pending tax issues with the government all of which needed to be resolved first and then only the fund can be withdrawn via wire transfer. Something seemed fishy and hence, it was exposed.

High returns

Is a return of 100% even possible in any kind of trading? This is the exact question that we want to pose in front of you. Binary Options is a very lucrative field but its an expensive one to maintain as well. Broker fees, client chargebacks and employee payments all make up for a way less amount of profit. TradeRush was offering returns of over 100% to its customers and literally made a mockery out of the trading scenario. So much that the TradeRush Scam had to be exposed by our team of attorneys and private investigators here at Morgan Financial Recovery.

What to do if you have been a victim of the TradeRush Scam?

The first thing is that you need not worry. Such scams are way too common in the financial world and happen on a daily basis. What also happens on a daily basis is we the members at Morgan Financial Recovery devise new solutions to bring back your funds as soon as possible. Hence if you have been the victim of the TradeRush scam, we highly suggest you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can start working on the deal and get your money back. And don’t worry, we are the best fund recovery firm owing to our experience and we know it. You can fully trust us with your money.