Transfer Wise is a software that is going to help you transfer funds from one country to another for a small charge that is way too low than that of bank transaction fees. Unfortunately,  transfer wise has been in the news due to all the scam practices that they get involved in,every noe and then. There are some things that we at Morgan Financial Recovery try to bring out to you in an immediate manner. The reason why we decided to bring the transfer wise scam is because the company has not yet been credited  by any financial regulatory government authority. Let's have a look at why transfer wise scam something that you should be aware about. 

Before you get to know about the transfer wise scam, there are few things that you need to know about our firm Morgan Financial Recovery. We are the best fund recovery group in the world and so far we have a presence in over 18+ countries and have recovered more than 3 million dollars as of date. We have a team of 56+ attorneys who have worked in over 2400+ cases and recovered funds with a success rate of over 90%. The best thing about our firm is the fact that we sort out a new methodology for each and every client that we work for and as a result we do have a great client approval rating all throughout.

How did the transfer wise scam come into being?

If you go to various consumer forums, you are going to find out that answer why Transfer Wise really got a bad approval rating. According to approximately 500+ reviews we can see that most of the ratings are less than 2 stars which is something that you should definitely worry about sheds light on the fact that the transfer wise scam being a possibility. 

When it comes to micro payments transfer wise is definitely something that you can be assured about but those things don't hold when you try to transfer huge amounts of money to a bank account of a different country. As stated by Jane from Austria, she wanted to transfer approximately half a million dollars to her parents who live in a different country and was unable to do so. 

A member of our team at Morgan Financial Recovery found out that transfer wise often takes the commission and doesn't return it back to its customers. Transfer Wise Scam was subjected to such speculation that the amount of commission was never returned to the customer even after a period of approximately 90 - 180 days. In fact there have been certain reviews about the company that the money has not been refunded and even the money that was supposed to be transferred was kept with them itself and was not returned.

What to do if you have lost your money in the transfer wise scam?

If you have lost your money in the transfer wise scam, then you need to contact us at Morgan Financial Recovery. We as a fund recovery firm,  have managed to expose fraudulent companies for over a decade now and you can be assured that our unique methodology of dealing with such scams will definitely help you bring your money back and get it refunded into your bank account within a record period of 90 days. As a fund recovery group, we have dedicated ourselves to eradicating financial frauds across the world and with the amount of experience that we carry and the legal advisors that we have, we believe that we are the best fund recovery group in the world right now.