It is every person’s dream to get a good physique without actually working hard for it. And why not, looking slim is the dream of every person no matter what happens. Morgan Financial Recovery tries to unfold a large number of weight-loss scams that happen all day all night and in the midst of all the chaos surrounding them, tries to bring you the worst scams that have happened in the industry. Unfortunately, as all the motivated gym-goers try to lose weight in a jiffy, scammers are ready to defraud them with thousands of dollars each year with stupid products that promise them that they would reduce their weight and cut off that extra belly fat without any kind of exercise. The Federal Trade Commission noticed that weight loss scams have seen a sharp increase and with the lockdown happening in today’s time due to the coronavirus, people might end up buying them anyway.

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What exactly are Weight Loss Scams?

Firstly, the scammers will take some old product from the inventory that has not been sold for a long time and totally rebrand it. It will change the labels, names and the manufacturing company associated with it. It will then start the marketing game. Weight loss Scams primarily happen when the marketing game of such companies are extremely strong. These scammers spend thousands of dollars into marketing itself. Right from social media adverts to promotion via their favourite instagram influencers, everything seems to add up quick including the profits. The sad part is that many innocent customers fall for it.

Here are some of the most common weight loss scams that happened in the previous year:

Fit Tea Scam

According to the experts here at Morgan Financial Recovery, Fit Tea was the biggest and by far the most successful weight loss scam ever committed. There was a time last year when if you opened the Instagram page of any celebrity, he or she would be seen with a post promoting a brand called Fit Tea. The tea claimed to reduce your weight without you actually doing any form of exercise. Soon the scam was busted and all the influencers deleted the old posts where they were seen promoting their brands.

SENSA Sprinkle Powder

With a reported sales of over $350 million, this powder of another one of the famous weight loss scams ever committed. It was marketed as a powder that needed to be sprinkled on your diet and it will help you lose 40 lbs within a matter of few months. No going to the gym, no extraordinary diets and no pills were required. A month-long supply typically cost $59 and it was reported that influencers were paid approximately $5000 for promoting their product on each social media platform. Sadly, the product was soon reported to underperform and was hence stopped.

"Lobster-inspired" slimming cream

The name sounded so funny that we laughed for a second. Weight loss scams sound so funny nowadays. The slimming cream was inspired by lobster which could shrink its size whenever it wished to. The cream was said to reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce the stomach diameter by 1 inch or so. It cost $58 for a 5.5-ounce bottle and duped the customers over thousands of dollars when they found out that it was not working.

What to do if you have been a victim of some weight loss scam?

Certain weight loss scams (apart from the ones that are already mentioned) include people ripping you off by some fake weight loss program and then vanishing in thin air. After paying thousands for a weight loss program, you end up dejected and sad, owing to the fact that you have lost a lot of money. That is however, not the case always, because we at Morgan Financial Recovery, can help you recover your funds owing to the amazing recovery team that we have. Contact us with the details of the weight loss scam and we will get back to you at the earliest.