there was a time when I was reading a company that was primarily known for stocks and Forex trading was extremely popular among the masses and the classes. but as timepass bye, there are thousands their trading options that came into being and unfortunately yesterday was something that we all lost trading with. Morgan financial recovery finds out that yesterday has now been recently launched yes option trading platform, that helps in binary options trading. so is the trading platform legit or is it something that is going to be the Yes Option option scam? Let's find out.

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Signs of the yes option scam:

No metatrader 4 support

If you are professional in the greeting words, you must know that what metatrader 4 ways to stop it is the flagship trading software that is used to trade across all platforms BX Forex or binary options for sometime stock trading is well. Morgan financial recovery has found out the yes option platform doesn't have metatrader 4 support which is something really shocking and something that we don't understand at all.

No customer support

If there is one thing that Morgan financial recovery excels in, it has to be customer support. But unfortunately that is not the case when it comes today Yes option scam, as animal from Mars asking about the insanitary of the company, did not get any response back. If you are running Trading platform it's high time that you need to have a good customer support bases well. Otherwise, the traders would not have any kind of believe in you. yes options, something that is about to get unfolded all because of this reason that customer support is almost non existent when it comes to the broker.

The same old high returns and withdrawal issues

So far, we have seen multiple scams when it comes to binary options trading and trust us, all of them had one common factor. All of them promise the same old high returns and when it comes to withdrawing your friends, it is very difficult to withdraw it. Repeated attempts of vi at Morgan financial recovery telling you that there is no chance that you are going to get returns off over hundred percent when it comes to binary options trading, there are very few who pay heed to us and save their money. The remaining ones and losing all of their money at one go.

What to do if you lost your money in the Yes Option Scam?

the first thing that you need to do is contact us at Morgan financial recovery and we are going to definitely device out a good plan so as to recover your phones that you are lost from the yes option scam. all thanks to all amazing team of a tone is private investigators and legal advisors we work day in day out so that we can bring back your funds and send it your bank account within a record period of 12 weeks or 90 days whichever is earlier. Jis contact us if you have in a victim of the Yes Options scam.